***Getting To Zero Without It Sucking!***

***Getting To Zero Without It Sucking!***

"Most programs to help you quit smoking were designed by people who've never walked in your shoes, and it's a big part of why you're failing!" - Seann Jackson

Welcome to the Advanced Smoking Elimination Program!  

He looked at me from the comfort of his warm truck while I stood outside without a coat in 20 degree weather, and our eyes locked for a brief second.  That moment changed the course of my life, gave me the inspiration to finally get free from smoking, and lead me to build this program so others could follow the EXACT method I used to get free quickly, easily, and forever!  

****your moment awaits!!!*****


What keeps most of us from even making the attempt to quit?

What's held you back?  If I said to you, "I have a solution to get you finally free from smoking!" what's the first thing you feel?  

PANIC or fear is the usually the first impulse.  Why is that?

  • We think that we are going to lose something, right?
  • We think that it's going to be really difficult, true?
  • We tried before and it was VERY uncomfortable - dealing with cravings all the time, dying for cigarette, struggling.

If you think that this is going to cost you some level of pain, you will most likely not even start!

What if you could start by KNOWING, the pain would be unrecognizable?  That Freedom wouldn't hurt?


You'd be Skeptical, wouldn't you?  I would, too!  But something weird happened, and I found out it was true - you can end smoking and actually have it be enjoyable!

It happened 14 years ago when I figured out the missing pieces and discovered how to stop smoking and have it be SIMPLE!  After trying to quit for years, I tripped into discovering the PRECISE method to successfully and easily get free from cigarettes.  After years of silence, I've put it together into a system that anyone can follow, and developed the ASE Program!

If you're skeptical, I understand!

but...Have you ever thought to yourself...

  • "Will I ever be able to quit?"
  • Or "If I try, am I going to turn into an insufferable SOB?"
  • Or felt, "I going to gain 50 lbs if I stop!"
  • "If I keep smoking, is it going to give me cancer and am I going to die?"
  • "How come I'm not strong enough?"
  • "I had such a bad reactions the last time I tried to quit and I don't want to go through that again!"
  • Or told yourself, "But..I really like smoking...what am I going to do without it?"

Me too!!!  Here's my story!

I grew up surrounded by smokers. My mom, her friends, and my stepfather were pack a day plus smokers.  When I was in middle school, we rode the bus that also carried kids from the high school -most smoked and so did the bus driver.  I'd get off the bus wreaking of smoke fearful that I'd bump into my first real crush, and leave her with the impression that I was a smoker.  I swore I'd never smoke!

At a college party, new friends were all drinking and sharing cigarettes.  After enough "liquid courage" and conversation, I asked for a cigarette.  I lit it, breathed in, felt the sudden surge of pain, exhaled, and strangely never coughed once.  It was like I had been doing it forever.  That first cigarette ended up becoming a pack a day habit, and an ongoing 20 year struggle to get back to the point of where I was before lighting up.

Smoking made me feel tough.  It gave me instant rapport.  I could go anywhere, light up, and see another smoker. Instant connection!  I bonded with people over smokes.  I was able to start romantic relationships because we both smoked and learned about each other. It was always there, and served me.

Then it killed my stepfather - a proud man with that John Wayne attitude. He always had a cigarette and was one of the toughest men I ever knew. Smoking reduced him.  In a matter of a few years, he couldn't work, couldn't walk without a cane, couldn't breathe without a tank, and became bed ridden. His last few months were spent at home in a makeshift hospital style bed where we was visited daily by hospice nurses sleeping more often than being awake until finally relenting.

Then it came for my mother who had smoked from the age of 12. Smoking robbed her of the last 10 years of her life.  She was in and out of the hospital.  She dragged an oxygen tank everywhere.  She spent most of her time sleeping, missing family events and watching her grandchildren grow up.  After a few surgeries including removing a portion of one lung, she finally lost her battle dying in a hospice at the age of 69.


For 20 + years, I smoked and tried to quit.  Like many, I had quit several times and always found my way back.  Then something happened.

I live in New England - a place not known for its gentle winters.  I went outside for a quick smoke to break the work day in nothing but my dress shirt facing the 20 degree day.  Standing outside shivering and smoking, a truck passed by.  The driver glanced my way - just a glance.  But I saw the thought bubble over his head.  It said, "Wow! What an idiot!"  And I stood there freezing knowing he was right.  He never gave me one of those looks or shook his head.  But he was right, and it shamed me to my core.

The hope of who I thought I'd become was staring at who I now was.  The images of what smoking did to my mom and stepfather.  The disappointment and anger my father must have felt as a nonsmoker.  All of it was real.

I'm not the smartest guy in the room but I'm not the dumbest.  In this moment, my actions defined me.  To stand in nothing but a dress shirt in 20 degree weather for the pleasure of inhaling poison was beyond stupid.  In that moment, I knew it was over.  I was done.  I just had to figure out the final steps to get there.

I had a new fire, but knew I needed a process; a method to help me finally stop.  Armed with my new resolve, the lessons learned from previous attempts, and some final "stop smoking aids," I went from 3/4 of a pack to ZERO in 4 DAYS!  The best part was that I was able to do it easily and without the usual side effects.

While I have an occasional rare craving, I rarely think about smoking.  I never miss it, and I feel pride that I was able to stop easily and forever!  

Once free, I spoke little of my newfound freedom.  I didn't want to be that preachy, reformed smoker. When I saw others smoking, there were no lectures, and no complaints.  Then came another fateful day!

My co-worker, who used to hang out at smokers' corner laughing and joking while we smoked, looked at me, smiled, and said, "You know, you made me realize I could quit!  I saw that you did it.  I said, 'If Seann can stop, so can I 'cause he smoked way more than me!"  I was stunned.  I never said a word to her about my freedom.  5+ years later, this woman was telling me that I inspired her to quit smoking.  In that moment, I knew that my silence was cowardice and only helping one person - me - and I set out to change that!


This question started to burn.  I knew there wasn't anything supersonic about me, but something separated me from many others who have tried to stop smoking.  That drove me to examine my process.  What did I do to get freedom?  Better still, was my process something that could be duplicated?

I spent the last two years diving into my process and figured out how what I did and how to break  it down into a step-by-step method so you can learn from my experience and stop smoking once and for all!!!

What Is The ASE Method?

Unlike other solutions, ASE doesn't rely on meds, patches, gums or lots of therapy.  Having gone through it, I know (and studies have proven) that smoking is NOT so much of a physical problem.  Smoking is largely a mental problem.  You are "hooked", like I was, on your current mindset and your habits that keep you centered on smoking as a method for stress reduction, peace, and some level of happiness.

In the ASE Program, we focus on 'repairing your psychology' and correcting your relationship with smoking.  I'm not talking about psychological therapy or psychiatry.  I'm talking about becoming fully aware of the reasons you smoke today and what drives you to the next smoke!  You smoke for reasons.  If you don't know them, you can't realign how you feel about smoking.  The core of the Advanced Smoking Elimination Program is to provide you with what you need to create a Dynamic Mindset Reset (TM)!  

Don't worry - there's no brainwashing!  

Instead, we metaphorically "press the reset button" on your thinking so we can get you back to your true self - a non-smoker; a BREATHER!  Once you understand why you smoke, what triggers you to smoke, and modify what smoking means to you, you automatically begin thinking like a non-smoker again!!!

It may sound hard, but.... remember my process.  Once I made the switch and did my own Dynamic Mindset Reset, it was easy.  It's simple.  You stop thinking like a smoker.  Your brain doesn't look to cigarettes as a solution!  THAT'S why it's so simple to do!!!!   And....If I can do it, you definitely can.

The Program Details

The ASE Program is a 6-week online course.  Each week, you'll complete a module. The lessons in each module are designed to get you to closer to your goal of FREEDOM from smoking.  

In addition to the online modules, each week you will be on a coaching call with me PERSONALLY so that I can answer any questions you have, and help you succeed!

This 6-week program takes you step-by-step making sure you're fully prepared to stop smoking! We get you ready for the temptations and show you how to effectively handle cravings, and show you how to handle the metabolic changes your body may face.

By the end of the 6-weeks, you're done with smoking, and fully leveraged for the future!

How do I know it works?  Because this is the IMPROVED method that I used over 14 years ago.  If I can do it, I know you can!

Most people who try to stop smoking choose a traditional method that simply doesn't work.  only 3% succeed using drugs, nicotine replacement, or will power.  you deserve a better option!!! 

"Experts" tell you that you can't quit without drugs.  Friends will tell you about someone who willed themselves to success.  Sure, you'll find a random person who stopped with a drug.  But there's no evidence that drugs help anyone succeed!  People who used drug therapy show the same success as those who went cold turkey.

And for many who quit cold turkey, it's a constant struggle.  If you ever ask a reformed smoker who quit cold turkey, "Do you ever miss it?" they say, "Every day."  That's no way to live.

Want more info?  

We've all been conned into the thought that we "need" to smoke.  That it helps us.  It keeps us calm or focused or relaxed or something.  We think we can't get through the day without it.  It's simply not true as many "breathers" prove it day after day!

Soon I'll be taking applications for this program.  The only way to participate in this program will be to apply.  Having been a smoker, I know that you need to be READY to finally stop, and I'm selective about who I take on as a client.  No program will work until you are at a point where you are ready to stop.

If this program sounds like the right plan for you and you'd like more info, click the button below and you'll be sent to a new page where you can apply and get more info!  

I look forward to helping you get FREE FROM SMOKING!!!