Few Minutes for September!

The power of celebration!!! As adults, we rarely celebrate our achievements.  If you aren't celebrating the milestones in your life, you are missing out!  Transcript below for you readers.  :-)


Hey everybody, and Welcome to September! My name is Seann Jackson and I want to welcome you to this month’s episode of a Few Minutes. And September is kind of a cool month of me. You see, this is my birthday month. And what makes it even cooler is this year I turn 50. That’s right, 50 years old! Wow! That is something.  And by the way - Class of 84, if you’re out there, I know most of you are turning 50 as well. Happy Birthday!  I hope you went out and I hope you celebrated the day. Because that’s what the message is for this month; Celebrate. 

I want you to learn how to celebrate again. You’ve probably lost this skill. You know, most of us gloss over the milestones, and achievements and goals in our lives, and we don’t end up celebrating them. And by doing that, we actually sacrifice the joy of life - the Enjoyment of life - because we don’t give it what it deserves.  We don’t celebrate it.  We don’t literally have fun celebrating our victories. 

Here’s a litmus test for you, ok?  It’s simple. If you, right now, are celebrating more when your football team wins than the milestones, and achievements and goals in your life that you’ve achieved, that is some seriously messed up shit, and you’ve got to fix that!  You’ve got to re-prioritize this stuff.  Because seriously, what has your football team done for you lately?  Honestly, what have they done for you? Unless they are literally writing you a check, and I’m talking the football team themselves…you know, the Dallas Cowboys, or Patriots, or Forty-Niners, or whoever… is literally writing you a check, they haven’t done damn thing for you.

What have you done for you lately?  Have you celebrated it?  Probably not. Because here is the way most of us celebrate - we hit a goal, we hit a milestone, whatever that is, and we go, “Ok good, that’s done. Next.” Celebration’s over. That’s not a way to celebrate. 

Think about it.  If that’s the way we’re celebrating, what fire do we have to look forward to whatever the “what’s next” is?  You know - those achievements, those goals, those milestones - when we don’t celebrate them, they seem more like obligations instead of victories. So you’ve got to figure a way to get out there and celebrate your victories. And it can start as something as simple as celebrating your birthday. 

Zeros and Fives tend to be big ones.  Celebrate those!  Do something that’s going to make you look forward to the day, as opposed to dreading the day, and I know that most of us do it.  You see, I wasn’t always this guy who was about celebrating my birthday. In fact I hated my friggin birthday - hated it because my birthday’s in early September.  Here is what this meant for me; my birthday always meant more about Labor Day festivities and celebrations or worse - going back to school planning.  Let me tell you something.  An 8 year old boy does not want to get dragged into the car, with the family, off to the mall for back to school shopping. That sucks.  It totally sucks. And subsequently, I learned to dislike my birthday because I learned to associate the fact it wasn’t…it had nothing to do with me. It was more about, “What are we doing for Labour Day? What do we got to do for school?” and I ended up feeling forgotten.  Shitty association, I’ll grant you, but it lasted with me for a long time. 

In fact, I can tell you on my 30th birthday, I know exactly what I was doing. Like many of you out there, I wasn’t planning on celebrating it because I was looking at what I hadn’t done, as opposed to what I had done. And we all do it. You know, we build up in our minds, what “x” year is going to look like and we never hit those lofty goals. And that’s what I was doing. I was going, “Shit, I haven’t done this, I haven’t done this.” And what I ended up doing for my 30th birthday: I was on a mountain in New Hampshire by myself.  I hiked a mountain by myself.  I was at the top of a mountain on my 30th birthday. Kinda sucked. Fast-forward to 40, I was doing the same thing.  I was doing the same thing.  Another zero year, right? “Oh my God, what haven’t I done - I didn’t do this; I haven’t done this.” And then by the Grace of God or the Universe or whatever you want to call it, it was inspiration maybe - something happened. I got hit with two better questions. 

And the first one was, “Hey wait, what’s my alternative? I can turn 40 or what?”  Well, the alternative of course was death. All of a sudden 40 did not look so bad. Then I asked an even better question – “Instead of dreading it, what could I do that would actually make me look forward to the day coming?”  That was a key question. I really started to think about it, “What could I do, what could I do?”  And at the time I was living near an airport so I was driving home one night, and on the side of a building I saw a big old sign and it said, ‘Learn to Fly.’ And I thought, that sounds like it could be fun. I ended up calling out of work, and on my 40th birthday I was 10,000 feet in the air flying an airplane. Pretty darn cool, let me tell you. 

So that’s what I did for 40. I learned to celebrate. That’s what I want you to do this month. I want you to find those areas where you’re celebrating, where you’re enjoying life, where you’re enjoying your victories. If you’re spending months or years on accomplishing something, and giving yourself seconds to enjoy it, you’re never going to be interested in going for the next thing. You’re going to rob yourself of that joy. So you’ve got to find those moments where you start thinking like a kid again, where you celebrate like a kid. And I know we get caught up into, “Well I’m an adult, I don’t do that now.” Bullshit. And here’s how I know; because (back to that football analogy) you’ve got no problem celebrating when your team wins, right?  You’re high-five-ing, you’re woo-hoo-ing, you’re doing the wave, whatever the hell it is you’re doing. You’re drinking beer, having parties, and celebrating the shit out of your football team. Why not do it for yourself? You’re going to give yourself so much back in return. You’re going to fuel your tank. You’re going fuel your passion and you’re going to be so much more interested in getting joy out of life. 

So that’s your challenge for this month. Go out and celebrate this month. Find those areas to celebrate. And for my class of 84 comrades who have already turned 50, maybe your birthday was earlier in the year.  And you know, just because your birthday may have been in February and you didn’t celebrate it, well, celebrate it now!  Do something kick ass and cool in October that’ll makes you look forward to it, so that you can take advantage of it, and go, “Shit I’m 50!”  Because we all know people that we graduated with who didn’t make it, who aren’t here today, who would probably give anything – who we would give anything to have them back celebrating their 50th birthday.  Do it for yourself.  Celebrate!  Find those areas. You’ll give yourself so much more in life, I promise you. Go out and do that this month, ok!  And until I see you next month, I want you to Stay Strong, Stay Inspired, and do what you can to Transform this year and your life. I will see you guys in October. Go out and celebrate. Bye.