Our Compulsion for Reaction, a Quick Answer, and the Aftermath

I Shared this info on The Facebook Machine.  It's regarding the recent reaction on the perceived abuse of an animal.  Check it out..

There's always two sides to a story. Many (rightly) shared the TMZ video on perceived dog abuse on set of "A Dog's Purpose" - which, by the way, was TMZ's exact goal - to get you to make it a Viral hit.  Here's the other side of the story.  Will you give it the same justice and Share??? Read on and decide.  Long post, but hang in there…

As a dog owner and someone who has wept openly at the loss of my pets, like you, I was upset over the TMZ video. Abuse of an animal for a movie or TV show or any other situation is unacceptable - PERIOD. But STOP.... This is freakin TMZ. 

Question: TMZ waited to share this shocking video until about a week before the movie opened. Why wait that long to stop abuse?

Question: Could TMZ have edited their footage with the goal of getting the most views possible (regardless of the truth) or did TMZ actually stray from its path of celebrity harassment and actually, for once in its existence, do something socially conscious and responsible?

A friend of mine once worked for TMZ. He called it the most vicious, loathsome place he's ever worked. I know - hearsay, but... He was not fired or laid off. In fact, he was offered a good chuck of dough to continue working there. But, he said the environment was toxic full of backbiting behavior that would've sucked the life out of him. He declined their offer for the sake of his soul. Consider this for a moment.

The attached Shared article appears to be transparent in nature. Granted, its writer is a producer of the film. But, give it a read. There's no fantastic video with "friendly" cuts to foster his side of the story. Just a response from what appears to be someone in a position of authority demanding accountability and doing the proper research into what exactly happened. He seems fully aware that he won’t be able to derail the marketing train heading directly for his film, but wanted to take the effort needed to get to the bottom of it.

We have become quick to judge at first glance. We get enamored with shock, and hit the "Share" button without pause. We fail to take the next step, take a breath, and say "what else could this mean?" or "we need to hear the other side of the story." 

This attention span-limited thinking is systemic. We are all consumed by the sound bites that "market" fast adrenaline hits. We have, as a society, determined that solutions are simple in nature when in fact they are usually complicated. It's part of the reason for our intolerance. Our overriding desire to be right at any cost supersedes doing what is right. In this case, the right thing is to examine the other side of the story so you can decide for yourself if TMZ is not morally bankrupt and the studio was, in fact, abusive or if this incident was heightened to create more of a drama than what actually happened.

Here's the other side. Will you give it the same justice and Share?  Unlike the marketing machine of TMZ, it's doubtful that this will go viral.  But we've already moved onto another subject, right?  Here's an opportunity for you to change the dynamics and make this written piece go viral.