A voracious learner and teacher, Seann is continuing to focus on his true purpose -

To make a positive impact in the lives of many!

Life doesn’t happen TO you. It happens FOR you!
— Tony Robbins (and Jim Carrey - yes, that Jim Carrey)

My story

Like many, I grew up in a single parent house.  The oldest of three boys, I grew up quickly helping my mom with daily activities and trying to be a good leader to my brothers.  While I would never say my youth was difficult, my family and I were certainly on the wrong side of the economy.  Many nights were spent looking over the family finances with my mother trying to determine which bills should be paid and how much each creditor should get.

I struggled for years to "catch up" to my peers missing out on the social life of a normal teen.  This led to inner conflict, lack of self esteem and confusion (bet this story sounds familiar to many).

Over the years, I had to do a lot of soul searching and self discovery in order to establish strength of spirit..for lack of better terminology.  After years of trial and error learning about everything from different forms of Christianity to some Buddhism to the meta-physical and astrological spheres, I still felt empty.  By this point, I had a failed marriage under my belt and a pretty good ability at avoiding committed relationships hurting people along the way.  A turn toward therapy seriously backfired (though I tried later in life far more successfully).

One night sitting in my apartment alone and feeling desperate...very desperate, I silently asked God, the Universe, Whatever for help.  After knocking back a couple of cocktails and questioning how much more I could take, I started channel flipping.  Yes, I had enough to afford an apartment and one of the benefits of the apartment was free cable, but the desperation was real.  

I stumbled upon QVC which I NEVER watched.  In fact, this channel was in the cable "nether regions" that I rarely clicked through.  But on this night, channel flipping was an act of boredom and this station caught my eye.  Tony Robbins, who I was familiar with from my attempt at exploring sales as a career (not a good move), was on QVC talking about his life and what he went through.  He was selling his Personal Power CD program.  As I watched, it felt like he was speaking directly to me.  I knew he wasn't, but everything he said resonated and broke through the desparation.

The special price flashed on the screen.  Too much for me at the time, but then I thought, "I cannot keep doing what I'm doing."  There was a 30 day guarantee, and I dove in and bought it hoping the credit card would clear and I'd be able to make the payments.

That step helped change my life.  The information within has helped to make me a better person.  It helped remind me of who I was - someone who cares about people and can help them break through their barriers by breaking things down stuff that makes sense.

Since that day, I've walked on fire - TWICE!  I moved from severe personal debt to a fantastic credit score.  I went from being single to finding a wife and a life I love!

I have been fortunate to help others. People have turned to me for advice and direction. Even in high school, I had friends and friends-of-friends who would approach and say, "Can you help with this thing I've got going on?  I heard you were good to talk to."

Nothing jazzes me more than helping people get to that next goal.  Now, I'm in the middle of helping people do something else I was able to do - beat the trap of smoking.  My new online program is available to help people break free from the chains of smoking and return to their TRUE spirit of a non-smoker!

I have also had the privilege of speaking at regional and national conferences about how you can take control and become irreplaceable in your job!  I have been met with such amazing compliments from those in the audience telling me they received more value from me than they did from the Keynote speakers!

My challenges continue, but I look at these challenges more as opportunities.  Like you, I still want more from life. 

Whatever dream or goal you're chasing, I encourage you to stay strong and inspired knowing that perseverance will allow you to transform - even if the transformation is slow and subtle.

Feel free to reach out to me!  

Thank you for checking this site.  I wish you great fortune!  May God (or whatever you believe) bless you with an awesome life!  :-)