Seann currently has two products available.  He is also available for private coaching.  To book private coaching for help with ending your reliance on smoking or for pushing through other obstacles, contact us at ...........


advanced smoking elimination

This program shows you how to stop thinking like a smoker.  Through Seann's Dynamic Mindset Reset, you'll quickly  get yourself to freedom without drugs. In it, Seann also shows you:

  • How to effectively deal with cravings
  • What to do to avoid side effects like irritability
  • How to stay connected to being a non-smoker for the LONG TERM!!!

escaping the chains of debt

To order a copy of Seann's book, click here!  In it, you'll learn little know financial tips that can help you even if you aren't severely in debt.  You learn things like:

  • What your rights as consumer are
  • How the Fair Credit Reporting Act helps you
  • How to Eliminate debt collectors for good!
  • Tips on budgeting and rebuilding your credit

All photography provided by Lew Abramson