Why Faith Is NOT a Bad Thing

For many, the Easter Season has greater significance. You will show your religious faith outwardly. Restaurants will be busier and more family gatherings will occur.

But, Faith is something that tends to be ridiculed in this "enlightened" age of technology. That's because the word has become synonymous with religious extremism, and that perception needs to change.

It's not faith that causes terror attacks. It's Fear. Faith doesn't start war. That too is fear.

Faith get us to take better action. Faith begets hope. It is what allows us to trust...even those we may fear. Faith opens the door to allow us to love and be loved. Faith gets us to accept a challenge. To take a chance. To risk. To face fears. To want to be (and take the steps to be) better people.

Faith gave the founding fathers the courage to challenge and create the US. Faith allowed MLK to have a dream, and Rosa Parks to stay in her seat. Faith made the ‪#‎DStrong‬ movement possible. A child said, "I want to be famous" with the faith that his dream was possible.

Faith is something we should flex more often. Exercise faith appropriately, honestly and often. Whether it's faith in yourself, the Universe, God, or the compassion we all have, use faith daily. It's one of those rare items that help make us human and is a source of our humanity.

Go out this weekend and exercise that "muscle" of faith. What could change if you had a little faith? What if you believed the money will show up or that it will all work out? Chances are, like me, you haven't exercised that faith muscle regularly and it's weak. So take this weekend and use it. Try it out. With practice, faith can be a new addition to your life's arsenal.

Enjoy your weekend no matter what religion has your faith.